How to launch a data business


45 minutes

As data becomes increasingly integral to decision-making and growth for every business, many companies are realizing that their data can be an additional source of revenue. But for organizations that aren’t explicitly in the data-sales business, figuring out how to get started can be tricky.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to launch a data business. Join David Edelman, digital transformation advisor and senior lecturer at Harvard Business School, and Nick Jordan, founder and CEO of Narrative, as they discuss considerations to take into account when monetizing data, and share examples of companies that have found success generating new streams of revenue from their data.

Join us live and learn:

  • The risks and benefits of selling data
  • How to build and manage a data business without spending significant time and resources
  • Where businesses are succeeding and falling short with their data monetization strategies

David Edelman

Executive Advisor, Top Influencer, HBS Senior Lecturer

Nick Jordan

Founder and CEO, Narrative I/O

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